Koleksiyon to Share Workplace Solutions at NeoCon 2017

Koleksiyon, the leading international office furniture manufacturer is set to showcase four stunning launches at this year’s NeoCon from June 12-14th in Chicago. The company’s showroom, #11 132, will play host to the innovations, which include creative seating solutions for individual and collaborative work settings. Başar Bilgin, President of Koleksiyon USA , comments, “We are particularly excited to share each of these product offerings, as they serve to not only complement our existing collections, but to divulge Koleksiyon’s culture of ingenuity and creativity. Fusing technological know-how with out of the box design concepts, each of the arrangements - Calder, Poema, Boccaporto, and Solis - provides an outlet for productivity, comfort, and high design.

Calder: Designed with famous artist Alexander Calder’s renowned abstract mobile sculptures in mind, the Studio Kairos modular unit consists of four moveable poufs and an aluminum tray. The set, which allows pour units to be connected to one another in a multitude of formats thanks to specially designed fittings, enables its user to create seemingly endless combinations and a modern collaboration-oriented space. As to the preference of its user, Calder is available with power sockets for added convenience. Thanks to its rotatable inner casing, the socket set ensures that the sockets become disguised when not in use. Calder’s socket set includes 2 child-proof power sockets, 1 USB output, 1 HDMI output and 1 CAT5 Ethernet port. These electric connections are included into the design as a plain detail by virtue of zippers used on the pouf surface.

Boccaporto: Boccaporto, designed by Metrica, is a combined seating and working unit developed for open offices and public areas. The cubby unit takes on a softened square shape and cushioned hood to provide an isolated workspace for one to two people; the unit is thus versatile, working for as a collaboration unit, as well as a location for individual work. Inset power and lighting capabilities elevate the unit, along with vibrant upholstery options, which makes Boccaporto a design focal point of a range of busy spaces, including libraries and airports.

Poema: Crisply angled curves and box units come together to create Poema, a Studio Kairos design for alternative workplace settings. The units lowers seats and worktop elements replace standard height chairs and tables, creating a spatial richness for environments that cater to ad hoc meetings and creative team work sessions. The modular elements of the seat and plant units provide an open system for a rich variety of compositions thus offering a palette for change when needed.

Solis: A Studio Kairos design for workspaces, common areas, and living spaces, the seating element is versatile, flexible, and highly adaptable to a range of needs. The collection comprises a variety of models, including those with or without backrests for increased applications. Taking on the philosophy of classic nest designs, the seating solution can be outfitted with indentations on either side of the seating element allowing for a myriad of combinations to be created.

To see these artful, new collections, please join us in the showroom, #11-132 in the Mart.